Since 2006 I have been a volunteer and supporter of the Mission Bambini Foundation. I have collaborated in various projects as a volunteer in Italy and have done volunteer work abroad for several years, beginning in 2007, with two projects in South Africa. As a volunteer, I often contribute my voice work for radio and television ads, web tutorials and other Foundation initiatives!

Over the years I have supported and continue to support various projects as a donor: I am always glad to do so and am certain of the positive outcome of each project, because Mission Bambini has been operating for years in a concrete and transparent way, helping children in need. The Foundation was first established in Italy in 2000, under the name of “Aiutare i bambini” (Help the Children), by an industrial engineering entrepreneur, Goffredo Modena, with the mission of Helping and providing support for children who are poor, ill or lack access to education, or who have been victims of physical or psychological abuse, in order to give them hope and the opportunity to live a decent and dignified life.” It supports, in Italy and abroad, projects that provide shelter, health care, nutrition and schooling for children and vocational training for young people. It directly oversees the progress made by each project, sending experts and volunteers in the field, who gain firsthand experience of the positive effects of solidarity initiatives.

Mission Bambini is a secular and independent organization, officially recognized as a non-profit social welfare group (ONLUS). From 2000 until today, Mission Bambini has helped 1,250,000 children through 1,355 projects, providing assistance in 72 countries all over the world. Its financial statements are certified by an independent auditing firm. Its staff consists of 30 collaborators and over 1,000 volunteers from all over Italy.

If you want to find out more about the Foundation and lend a hand in supporting its projects, perhaps by volunteering in an overseas project or sponsoring a child, please visit the following website:

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